Project Rescue

Whether an important project needs just a little guidance, or is completely off the rails, Milestone Management can help you get that project back on track with our special project rescue team.  This team is our “best of the best”, with broad experience in managing (and salvaging) very complex projects that have multi-million dollar budgets and tight timelines.

Our project rescue team uses their extensive knowledge of Project Management combined with their expert understanding of Change Management to get your project right. Our four phases of project rescue include:

  • Lightning Fast Project Gap Evaluation (Where are we at, where do we need to be)
  • Rescue Action Plan (What are next steps)
  • Rescue Execution (Facilitation, Coaching, or Management of the project based on needs)
  • After Action Report (What did we learn, how do we keep from repeating mistakes)

We understand that there are only three reasons why projects fail:

  • We didn’t follow successful project management processes.
  • We don’t have successful project management processes.
  • We have the wrong project management process!

Whatever the reason for failure, and whatever the type of project (IT, Construction, Financial, Operational, etc.), we can help you rescue the project and make it a success.  Give us a call and we can see if our project rescue services would be appropriate for your project.

For more information contact us at 801-679-3930 or email [email protected]