Project Manager Assessments

Milestone Management has developed a proprietary assessment tool that allows companies to assess the capability and proficiency of both Project Managers and ​those whose job title might not state “Project Manager”, but have real impact on the successful and timely delivery of Products.

The comprehensive assessment is delivered through a software tool that is accessed ​online. During the assessments, participants will respond to questions that will assess their project management knowledge, skills, and experience – based on Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and concepts. Scenario based questions can be included in the assessment to help validate the self-assessment scores. Specific areas of interest that are important/unique to the client can be incorporated into the assessment. Some clients will choose to incorporate a peer assessment into the process to increase the validity of the exercise.

Milestone Management will collect and consolidate the data from each phase of the assessment. We then analyze the data and perform a skills gap analysis for each participating project manager. We can then provide a comprehensive summary report and make training and development recommendations for each participant. Individual Development Plans for all or selected participants can be provided.

Specific Knowledge Gained

Through this program clients will gain a clear understanding of the current levels of project management knowledge, skills, and experience possessed by their project managers in each of the PMI process groups and the following knowledge areas:

· Integration Management

· Scope Management

· Time Management

· Cost Management

· Quality Management

· Human Resource Management

· Communications Management

· Risk Management

· Procurement Management

· Stakeholder Management

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