Instructor-Led Simulation Training

Elevate your potential and rapidly advance capabilities with Simulation!

Why Simulation?

Milestone Management simulation workshops are powered by our Milestone Simulations for Leaders technology. Just as a pilot must supplement their training with many hours of flight simulation before they are ready to fly, business leaders should experience the same opportunities in a realistic, intense, engaging and risk-free environment.

Benefits of Simulation

Our workshops allow leaders to literally build skills through practice. Skills can only be obtained through repetitive, hands-on experience with processes. Our simulations provide a practice environment that is so intense and real that people go away feeling like they have been at work, rather than at a training event. In this environment they repeatedly experience and use project management and leadership skills, to the point that they actually build skills, rather than just knowledge. In essence, they leave with the ability to do what project managers and leaders must do to be successful.

Feedback about our Simulation Workshops

We regularly receive feedback that our workshops are, “…the best training [participants] have ever received.” Some students have called the simulation experience, “…life changing.” Other students state that they will be able to, “…immediately apply these skills in their work environment.” Research has shown that our simulations build real skills that directly impact participant performance at work.

​Our simulation workshops represent “Best in Class” training for you and your organization.

We offer the following Simulation Workshops:

  • Project Management Training Camp
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Guiding Organizational Change
  • Construction Management Simulation
  • Project Management Simulation

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