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Why do the best companies insist on PMP® certified Project Managers?

Ryan Bouche - 10-03-2017
Are You Looking to Improve Efficiency and Expand Your Business Profile? Many large companies and government contracts require that all project managers hold a current PMP® certification. Why is this? The unified standard that comes with PMP
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Changes coming to the PMP® exam

Ryan Bouche - 09-11-2017
I don’t know if you have heard, but the PMP® Certification exam is changing early next year. Now is the time to take the exam with the proven materials and methods of Milestone Management’s PMP Exam Prep course. With the end of the year fast
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Benefits of Project Management

Paolo Durias - 09-15-2016
Everyone involved will benefit from project management, the manager who will oversee the project, the client who anticipates the completed project and the team that gets the project up and running. There are quite a few benefits to using project
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If in Doubt, Shout!

Martin Widger - 08-29-2016
Are you sure? When was the last project management situation you were in where something went pear-shaped? I've studied my fair share of these situations. It never ceases to amaze me that, more often than not, some person in the human chain had an
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Kaizen in action: Delta deploys 'innovation lanes'

Ryan Bouche - 05-29-2016
Delta gifted the TSA two innovation lanes this week at the airline’s hometown Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The lanes speed up wait times at security by providing five divestment points. An automated bin system keeps empty bins
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