Milestone Management Partners is looking for an intern for a Graphic Designer to join our team. The Graphic Designer will assist the layout and production of print and digital work, branded media for the company, as well as work closely with our CTO on new projects.


The Graphic Designer will integrate text and graphics, prepare and finalize files for printing/copying, and then ensure all materials are correctly filed, backed up, cataloged, and archived.


When applying for the design internship, please be sure to include a link to your portfolio or website in your resume or attach files that highlight your design work within your broader application.



· ‪Working understanding of layout, type, and color
· ‪Sense of design trends and space relationships
· ‪Demonstrate photo/image manipulation and transformation skills, pulling out bleed, resizing and cropping, retouching, isolations, as needed.
· ‪Demonstrate expertise in placing graphics and text
· ‪Excellent attention to detail such as file size optimization, spelling & grammar, pixel-perfect positioning, etc.
· ‪Produce print media
· ‪Produce final files for release to print vendors
· Execute on key digital experiences that include brand design, data visualization, photo treatments and illustration
· Responsible for consistent logo usage and style and process guidelines across the department
· Ability to ensure projects are organized by priority and deadlines are met in a timely manner, considering all steps from concept to delivery
· Other duties as assigned
· Ability to work flexible hours


Note: When you apply for this internship please include answers to the following questions:
1. What is your anticipated start date?
2. What is the length of your availability?
3. Do you understand that this internship will be unpaid? (Necessary tools and software will be provided by the company)


Please apply by emailing Ryan Bouche at: