PMP® Test Prep APP – PMP Exam Simulation

The PMP® Exam at your fingertips . . .

Everything you need to sail through the PMP® exam in a convenient app for the iPad! offers valuable insight into what you can expect on the exam, sample questions, and references to make your study for the PMP Exam efficient and seamless. Use the app whenever, wherever to study at your desired pace.  You can find the iOS app on iTunes.


Created by one of the first Registered Education Providers for the Project Management Institute, PMP®  Test Prep app gives you more than 50 sample question with complete functionality for free. Further questions are available for your use via in-app purchase. Each pack has over 50 questions with more being added all the time.


App functionality gives you many testing modes to enhance your test preparation for best results, including:


Study Mode: Use this mode to study within one or more Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, or General Study Topics. Select the number of questions you want to review and the area you need to emphasize. Need a little help while in the app? Just select “Help Me” to narrow your choices. Wondering why a specific answer is correct. Select “Show Justification” to read the full explanation of the answers with PMBOK® Guide references for further study.

Take a Practice Exam: Use this mode to customize a sampling of questions for review. Specify the time limit, number of questions from 1 to everything, and even the area to focus. Like in the live exam you can mark a question for review. Once you have completed all questions you have options to review all answers, just those marked for review, add time or grade your test. The test grade will give you your overall percentage and how well you did in each area of focus.

Take a Simulated Exam: Take a simulated 200 question, 4 hour duration exam. Similar to the live exam you will have options to mark a question for review, review your answers, and pull the final trigger to see how you performed.

Other tools available to you in the PMP test prep app are:


View Exam History: This will provide a summary of all saved exams and the mode used to take the exam. Review your past exams to further analyze where to focus your study.


Know What to Expect on the PMP Exam: Get tips and information on the PMP Exam and what you need to know to be successful.

Finally we provide you options to purchase more questions, obtain professional training, and give us direct feedback.


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