Quality Inspector (CQI)

MMP’s on-line Professional Quality Inspector (CQI) course consists of 36 modules (total expected time = 75 hours). This class is designed to prepare the student for the ASQ CQI certification.  This certification is required for Quality Inspectors in many organizations.  The course includes our lecture on test taking strategies and test taking skills as well as practice exams designed to prepare the student for their certification exam. To view the BOK for the CQI go to http://asq.org/cert/quality-inspector/bok .


For you to ensure that your processes are in control.  You will explain the difference between causes of variation.  You will determine whether a process is in or out of statistical control by analyzing data patterns (runs, trends, hugging, etc.), and identify what actions should be taken in response.  You will know the quality improvement concepts such as prevention versus detection, the importance of customer satisfaction and the cost of poor quality.  As a Certified Quality Inspector you will support the direction of quality engineers, supervisors, or technicians and can use the proven techniques to prevent errors from reoccurring.  This is a lifetime certification.


Time: 28 hours lecture time + 24 hours testing time + 23 hours reading time = 75 hours

Price: $625


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