Guiding Organizational Change – Las Vegas, NV JUN 3 – 5

Guiding Organizational Change – Las Vegas, NV JUN 3 – 5



Milestone Management workshops are designed to be fast effective ways to learn critical skills by practicing them through a uniquely design simulation. Participants will experience the realistic pressures, urgency and multi-faceted dilemmas that are associated with project management. As an individual and team player, participants apply and practice new skills and improve on current skills with confidence.

This advanced three day workshop is a dynamic and challenging way to make a quantum leap in “people skills” as they apply to organizations and individual changes. It is specifically designed to do two things: (1) to exercise your complete range of project management technical training and expertise, and (2) to develop a valuable new set “soft” skills for leading people to successfully navigate change events. Workshop participants will learn the difference between change and transition, and the importance of each. In teams you will have the opportunity to learn and practice principles involving “best practices” that can be implemented as individuals and organizations chance and evolve.


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