Guiding Organizational Change Utah

Change is Happening; Learn to Guide It…

With our Guiding Organizational Change simulation workshop, powered by Milestone Simulation technology, you will enter an unmatched training environment. Just as top professional athletes attend training camps to revisit fundamental skills, fine tune their methods and approaches, and rapidly build new skills, you as a change leader will be able to amplify your skills in the most realistic environment a classroom could possibly provide.



What You Will Experience

In this advanced 3 day simulation you will be placed in a team-based project environment using computer simulations to solve realistic change-oriented problems, while practicing and applying a variety of techniques. This workshop is entirely a hands-on experience in which your leadership team will lead a group of virtual team members through organizational changes. Each virtual team member has different characteristics, abilities and work habits that will help you practice leadership and change management skills.


Specific Skills Learned

This fast-paced, highly-engaging, workplace simulation is a dynamic and challenging way to make a quantum leap in “people skills” as they apply to organizational changes. It does so by introducing participants to leadership and change management skills that can be learned, practiced and applied directly to their current work environment. In this powerful workshop, participants practice the following skills:


* The difference between change and transition

* The importance of understanding both change and transition

* The five-stage creative process

* The LEVER principle (5 actions that will help people through transitions)

* How to implement and cross “Points of No-Return”

* Leading people while successfully implementing a change


Milestone Management is a Charter Member Global Registered Education Provider. As such, we are able to offer Professional Development Units (PDUs) through the Project Management Institute. This workshop is worth 24 PDUs.


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