Speaking on Business

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This is Fred Ball for Zions Bank, speaking on business.


Project management is one of those terms that is easier said than done. It involves time, quality, scope and cost. It applies to every business in every industry, encompassing people, resources, materials, energy, space and other factors.


Many companies turn to Milestone Management Consultants for help managing and executing projects more efficiently. The Layton-based company consults on specific projects and trains managers and employees in the fundamentals of project management, team building and communication.


Denis Petersen and Dan Anderson combined their project management expertise in 2003 to form Milestone Management Consultants. Denis, who has a doctorate in engineering management, gained project management experience in the army, designing and building hospitals. Dan received his master’s degree in engineering management and has managed projects for the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.


In the beginning, Milestone Management consulted with the U.S. Army in constructing healthcare facilities. Since that time, the company has consulted and trained clients across all industries, both locally and nationally.


Denis tells me that the principles of project management cut across all industries, and Milestone Management is adept at applying these principles to its diverse client base, from information technology businesses to marketing, manufacturing, construction and utility companies.


Milestone uses a variety of methods to train clients in project management. One method is an instructor-led simulation training course, where students use computers to manage a 21-week virtual project in three days.


Denis says, “We love to see people succeed.” And that is what drives the professionals at Milestone Management Consultants to provide effective project management training and consulting.


For Zions Bank, I’m Fred Ball. I’m speaking on business.